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XinLab Java 3GP/MP4 Player

For the mobile IP market, XinLab is focused on helping providers generate more revenue from their existing 2.5G deployments as they migrate to 3G. Many large European mobile operators count on our 3GP Video Applet to broaden the reach of fast-growing Video MMS.

Xinlab's CODEC and multimedia expertise allow users to create a small footprint, highly-optimized low-overhead decoder. The applet decodes 320x240 3GPP-compliant video streams in real-time, even on low-end desktop PCs.

3GP / 3GPP Video Applet
Xinlabís 3GPP Video Applet improves interoperability between 3GP-enabled handheld devices and other legacy handhelds and PC desktops, enabling users without 3GPP phones to view 3GPP video content. This functionality is available via a standard Internet browser, with no need to download or configure additional software packages.

The 3GPP Video Applet is a standards-based solution that allows any device loaded with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) version 1.0 and higher to successfully decode 3GPP, ISMA and MPEG-4 streams. The Applet provides unified support for H.263, MPEG-4, and AMR-NB (Adaptive Multi-Rate-Narrow Band) today, and is architected to allow rapid incorporation of new standards such as H.264.

XinLabís 3GPP solutions are in use today by numerous European mobile operators, who have picked our 3GPP solutions over other software playback solutions because of its seamless integration into their existing environment.

  • Graceful fall-back: If Java is not present or disabled, user will still be provided with options to download the stream, providing the best user experience.
  • Easy to use: Compact applet-based solution means users do not have to download extra plug-ins or install standalone playback clients.
  • Excellent compatibility: Has demonstrated the greatest compatibility with numerous handsets, able to play streams from newer handsets that other popular standalone players cannot play.
  • Transparent upgrades: Allows invisible updates to the CODEC engine, without requiring end-users to download upgrades or new CODECs.

XinLab Java 3GP/MP4 Player

ē XinLab Java 3GP/MP4 Player